Furniture Planning

Posted by on Mar 25, 2015 in Furnishings, Recent |

Sofa/Loveseat/Chair-with-Ottoman:  BORING!  IMPRACTICAL!

•    Retailers sell that combo because it’s EASY.
•    Few rooms can handle that combination comfortably.
•    Few families NEED those pieces in that combination!
•    Review how room will be used (and by how many) to determine which upholstered pieces are needed.


•    Same fabric on all upholstered pieces is BORING.
•    Mix patterns and scales of fabric.
•    As long as colors coordinate with each other, mixing is GREAT.
•    Fabric patterns should be different levels of “power.”
•    Floral + tweed + stripe can be VERY attractive.

Example:  Consider when a man wears a pinstripe suit with a paisley tie—if the colors coordinate, it’s a beautiful outfit.