Meet Randi Goodman

Randi GoodmanAbout Randi Goodman

I’ve been doing interior design in one way or another since I was a child. While other children were outside playing, I was pushing the furniture around in my bedroom, and rearranging the posters on my walls.
I was an Accountant for almost 15 years. It was OK–nothing thrilling, nothing creative. Something was missing, but I didn’t know what it was. I was still pushing my furniture around, and rearranging my artwork and accessories, on a regular basis. So, I went for career counseling, and found out that I had strong inclinations toward artistic endeavors. In discussing the results with the counselor, as well as family and friends, it was suggested that I take these inclinations more seriously, and pursue a more creative, artistic career path.

Back in 1992, my husband was offered a transfer from the facility he was working in, in New Jersey, to one here in Illinois, in Arlington Heights. I decided that this move would be my opportunity to make the career change I was dreaming about. So, after we relocated I went through the Interior Design program at Harper College in Palatine. During those years in school, I worked in the design industry. I spent over two years working at a paint and wallpaper store. Then, I worked as a Design Assistant for a residential Interior Designer, and then for a Kitchen Designer.

After graduation from the Design program, I spent another two+ years as the Design Assistant for a very talented designer in the Northern suburbs. Under his tutelage, I learned SO MUCH about the design business that they don’t teach in Design school. He introduced me to many showrooms at the Merchandise Mart, as well as to various talented trades people. I had lots of client interaction, and learned about all of the administrative things a designer has to do to keep the business afloat.

In 2000, I decided to leave my mentor and open my own design firm. It was a bit scary to go out on my own, but I have LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!! It has been my privilege to design rooms, furniture, bedding, window treatments and paint schemes for many wonderful people who want their homes to be more comfortable, beautiful, functional and welcoming.