Paint Issues

Posted by on Mar 25, 2015 in Color, Recent |

“Pretty Color” Syndrome

•    You may look at a paint chip and think the color is pretty.
•    It may be pretty, but does it work with what’s in your room?
•    “Prettiness” really doesn’t matter!
•    Coordination with contents of room (and adjacent rooms) matters.
•    Some rooms are painted with colors that are downright UGLY by themselves, but are perfect with the other things in the room.


•    Paint color selection is INFINITE!
•    Everything else that goes in a room is FINITE.
•    It’s much easier to match/coordinate paint to other products than to paint first and try to match/coordinate other things to the paint.
•    You may have an idea what color you want the walls to be, but WHICH VERSION OF THAT COLOR will depend on what else is in the room.
•    Paint can be applied to the walls while the room is empty, but must be selected AFTER at least some of the contents are in possession of homeowner.
•    If you’re trying to match a paint color to a color in a piece of furniture that you don’t yet have in your house, DO NOT borrow the fabric sample from the furniture store.  Dye lots of fabrics can vary; your sofa/chair fabric may not match the swatch.
•    Don’t forget to consider the color of the floor in the room.  Even if the floor is wood, remember it’s a color, and not all wood floors are the same color!
•    Evaluate the paint color on the same plane as it will be painted on (meaning, don’t lay the chip on the floor unless you are planning to paint the floor!)