Needed Inspiration and Know-How

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Krista J Algonquin, IL

My husband Scott and I moved to the northwest suburbs in 2002 into a new construction home.  We went immediately to work on our landscaping, creating a lovely vista with dwarf conifers, ornamental trees, roses and grasses.  Once we had the outside completed, we were ready to tackle the decorating of our home, but didn’t have the same confidence to create what we were looking for as we’d had with the garden.  We needed inspiration and know-how!

For that we called Randi Goodman of Interior Inspiration.   While we had some ideas of things we liked, we really didn’t have a design style and were bound by some of the key pieces we already had.  So Randi asked lots of questions, came back to us with various options, and got a solid sense of what we gravitated towards.  She got to know us well and nailed our sensibilities to create a tailored clean look for our home.

Each room throughout the entire house has been skillfully created by Randi with unique colors, fabrics, window covering designs, and picture framing that all truly complement each other.  While we would’ve never been as bold or had the imagination to pick some of these things on our own, the results consistently exceeded our expectations.

Randi and her skilled team of craftsmen and women did all the work.  We simply had to come home in anticipation of our first view of each new room or design addition and enjoy the results of Randi’s creativity and her team’s handiwork.

We can truly say we love to come home every day and are very thankful to Randi for her partnership in creating a home for us that is both beautiful and functional.

On Target With Color Choices!

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Mary S Algonquin, IL

I had already purchased paint samples of many of the colors [I was considering for the public areas of my house] and made my own larger samples…Well, despite my skepticism when you were here, you were definitely on target with the color choices.  When I put my vision samples on the wall with your expert opinion colors, there was little doubt which direction to go!!

Thank you for helping me with these choices!

I still have to decide on my bedroom/bathroom area.  I have a green selected for the bedroom that I really think works well with my chair, woods and new bedspread, but still need to decide on bathroom colors.  I learned a lot from watching the process you went through in making the color selection and have tried to follow your example.

Take Me Beyond Beige!

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Jennifer H Lake In The Hills, IL

After living in rental apartments for several years, the white walls of our new home had to go!  I was stuck on beige…the neutral that “goes with” everything.  However none of the paint chips I picked from the local home remodel store seemed to work.

I contacted Randi for a color consultation, certain that she would recommend the perfect beige for our home.  After evaluating the existing cabinets, countertops, flooring and furniture, Randi began flipping through her book of colors.

Paint chips in reds and greens began filling the table!  Soon, the colors were narrowed down to a few choices of reds, greens and one beige (to humor me!).  We selected a beautiful shade of green for our kitchen, living room, and dining room.  It has truly transformed the space.  All of the existing elements in the rooms now coordinate and flow.

My favorite area is the kitchen, where to color of the wall makes the wood grains of the cabinets look fabulous!

Thanks for taking me beyond beige!

Warm and Tasteful

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Ellen S Somers, New York

Randi Goodman of Interior Inspiration (Algonquin, Illinois) has provided us with great ideas and design options for improvements for our home!

Most recently she has helped us to organize our existing furniture and belongings and gave us creative ideas that truly warmed our rooms.  She helped us to artfully express what our taste is and she made suggestions that kept with the style of our house.

We found Randi to be thoughtful and respectful of our ideas and concerns, listening carefully before offering suggestions.  She also exhibited extraordinary creativity and a strong knowledge of products, fabrics and services.  We enjoyed her enthusiasm and sense of humor.

The combination of Randi’s creativity and her knowledge makes working with her a real pleasure.

Calm and Serene Atmosphere Needed

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Alicia B, Crystal Lake, IL
Randi Goodman of Interior Inspiration was an integral part of developing the atmosphere I wanted to present when I decided to move to a new, larger office space.  Due to the nature of my business, I was looking for a calming, serene atmosphere.

It was important for me to have the waiting room be relaxing, and my offices present as being professional and soothing at the same time.  Randi was very professional in using her expertise in assisting me in choices of colors that offered a calming effect.

She also advised me in many other aspects of my office presentation.  When it comes to interior design for office or home, I experienced Randi to be professional and easy to work with.  I believe she has great insight in helping clients find what they want.