Treat Yourself to Quality Interior Design

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Originally published in McHenry County Living

Originally published in McHenry County Living

Here’s how it works:

I interview you in your home.  The questions I ask will help me figure out what your wants and/or needs are for the project at hand.  We tour the space in question and discuss possibilities.  We discuss the order in which different elements of the project might be completed.  We discuss whether you can fund the entire project at once or in stages.

Interior Inspiration is an independent design firm.  I have no obligations to particular products or brands; no minimum amount I have to spend with a vendor to maintain my account.  I have virtually NO limitations to the products available to me.  Anything that can be purchased through the Merchandise Mart in Chicago OR the Arlington (Heights) Design Center is at my fingertips.  And there are products that I can acquire directly from various suppliers, as well.  In this global economy those suppliers might be in the next town, or they may be on another continent!

The world is my “oyster.”  This means the world is YOUR oyster, too.

Here are some misconceptions about working with an Interior Designer:

“I’m not ready to call a Designer in because I don’t know what I want.”

Believe it or not, you ARE ready!  That’s the best time to call in the expert.  It’s MY job to help you figure out what to do with a space and develop a good plan to accomplish that goal.

“I’ve been to all the stores, and I can’t find anything I like.  I guess this isn’t the time to work on this room.”

What you see in retail stores is the “tip of the iceberg.”  There are furniture pieces, fabrics, accessories, window treatment styles and flooring options that are unavailable to the general public.  The Merchandise Mart and the Arlington Design Center are open to Design Professionals only.  As your Designer, I use these wonderful resources to evaluate, customize and narrow down the choices.  I show you a manageable number of options that will work in your situation.  I bring the samples and photos and drawings to YOU.  In many cases, all of the decisions can be made in the comfort of your own home.

“I thought Interior Designers had to start with an empty room.  I can’t afford start from scratch!”

While “starting from scratch” is a fantasy for many clients and Designers, the reality is that most people do not do this.  Many people have pieces they love that they want to incorporate into the room.  Or, they have heirlooms with sentimental value that they choose to keep.  I will work with you to incorporate your favorite/cherished piece(s) into the new design, or explain why they might be better used in another space in your home.